What Is Mean Stack? How To Become A Mean Stack Web Developer?

When the MEAN Stack was first announced, JavaScript developers couldn't understand it exhaustively. MEAN is an abbreviation for MongoDB, Express. js and Angularjs, all of what work upon Node. js, This is a stage that permits one to build applications utilizing code as little as could be expected while taking a strong view of the multitude of components that comprise it. Moreover, composing the complete code from client to server utilizing the lone JavaScript is like a dream come true for beginners who need working apps in a brief period of time. 

Aptron Gurgaon offers MEAN Stack training courses by the leading business expert trainers and ensures your mastery of full MEAN Stack development. Take your career to the next level by acquiring this MEAN Stack certification program from our institute which proves that you are an expert at JavaScript technologies of the most well-known MEAN Stack. Aptron Gurgaon offers Mean Stack Training Course with Real-time expert trainers. Today Mean Stack Course is in huge demand as all applications are moving towards the web and more devices are utilizing web technology to access data. Every organization needs a website to put their business online. 

Therefore, Aptron Gurgaon provides Full Stack and MEAN Stack Training Courses. Being a front-end/web designer you need to give the next dimension to your business as a full-stack web developer. Aptron full-stack preparing is a definitive decision. where you'll transform into a specialist at the front and back-end JavaScript with other more advancements of MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js) Stack. Figure out how to make applications from exceptionally beginning to adaptable and hearty deployable application. Here, you will have the ability to take in more about the diverse parts that made the application for you to have a full comprehension of its abilities once you use it for your responsibility. You will likewise learn a well-ordered methodology in building up the segments of the MEAN stack from the earliest beginning stage up to the propeller systems that you can apply to it. It's an ideal device for web engineers who wish to ace JavaScript and the people who need to figure out how to make web applications with Express, NodeJS, AngularJS, and MongoDB. 

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Aptron Gurgaon offers a Mean Stack Training Course with Real-time master coaches. Welcome to MEAN Stack Development training in Gurgaon, India's best MEAN Stack training is for how to build dynamic Websites and Web applications with Django, Angular JS, Node js, and Express js. MEAN applications can be written in one language for both server-side and client-side execution environments. Aptron Gurgaon gives Mean Stack preparing in Gurgaon will make you the best Web creator in different stages. Best Mean Stack Training Institute in Gurgaon preparing is perfect for understudies who should have the ability to Demonstrate data and involvement in HTML, CSS, and Java content.

Course Content:

Module 1: Node.js

1. Introduction to Nodejs

  • What is node js         
  • A word on an event loop
  • Event-driven architecture
  • Blocking vs non-blocking code
  • Setup nodes
  • Node REPL
  • Hello World program
  • Debugging nodejs app

2. Modules in JS

  • Understanding exports and require
  • Creating modules
  • Importing modules
  • A quick tour on npm
  • Installing 3rd party modules

3. Events & streams

  • Significance of Events
  • EventEmitter class
  • Emitting and listening to events
  • Types of streams
  • Working with streams
  • Composing streams using pipe

4. Working with Process and File System

  • Process object
  • Handling exceptions at the process level
  • Listening to process events
  • Working with file system using the fs module
  • Creating, Copying, Deleting files
  • Creating, Copying, Deleting directories
  • Watching for file changes

Module 2: Express js

  1. Expressjs Introduction & Setup
  2. Routing in Depth
  3. Middleware
  4. Template Engines
  5. Expressjs security
  6. Debugging in Express
  7. Realtime programming with Socket.io
  8. Scaling nodejs applications

Module 3: Mongo DB

  1. Introduction to MongoDB
  2. CRUD Operations in Mongodb
  3. Querying documents
  4. Updating documents
  5. Deleting documents
  6. Introduction to Mongoose
  7. Core concepts of Mongoose
  8. Extending Models

Module 4: Angular JS

  1. Typescript & ES6
  2. Scoping using Let and Const Keywords ( ES6 )
  3. Template Literals ( ES6 )
  4. Spread Syntax and Rest Parameters ( ES6 )
  5. Destructuring ( ES6 )
  6. Power of Types
  7. Explore Functions
  8. Classes
  9. Interfaces
  10. Modules
  11. Decorators ( Typescript Aspect Oriented Programming)
  12. Working with Angular CLI


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